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by Awesome_Soul at 8:15 PM
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I noticed that in the last player feed back session showed pretty unanimously that most people chose either the Crusader or the Pathfinder, who gained a lot of votes near the end.
So I have recently re-balanced the classes and will be putting a more detailed description of what they are and aren't capable of. Also remember that there are NO class restrictions on any item, you are free to mix and match to fit your play style or fill a role that your party needs, the classes are pretty flexible in that regard.
The classes are divided into 3 factions, so each faction has a different team dynamic. You may want to take that into account when making your decision, the allies you fight next to are just as important.

Mountain Faction:

Health at max LVL: 170 / Mana at max LVL: 740
A master of archery, nearly all of their skills involve augmenting their arrows for a devastating effect.
-Able to dish out tons of damage from afar.
-The Dash...
by Awesome_Soul at 7:11 PM
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This is your chance to ask me anything you want about about the upcoming MMORPG, Dissension. Fell free to ask anything, although some information shall remain secret, for now. Also I have included some pictures from a few of the towns and villages on the continent of Dralia. (The texture you see will be the server texture)
2014-04-11_00.32.14.png 2014-04-11_15.47.43.png 2014-04-11_15.53.38.png 2014-04-11_15.57.50.png
by meiskam at 2:00 AM
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Sorry about the unexpected downtime today/yesterday. We had some miscommunication with our system host, but everything should be back up and running now.

Here's a baby cow to cheer you up
by Awesome_Soul at 4:24 AM
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I recently found some time to work on some of the back end portions of this project, and here is what I have done;

-I will most likely be changing the map's texture pack from "John Smith" to "Conquest". This is because Conquest takes advantage of meta data textures, has many great connecting textures, and has a lot of "specialty" blocks that can really bring the world to life, such as an animated swarm of flies, rope & pulleys, animated smoke, and crates, just to name a few.

-I decided to rework both the weapon and armor systems, yet again. I am utilizing all 5 tools this time as oppose to the old system were everything was a sword, just classed and either "Heavy" "Long" or "Katana". This new system makes it less surprising when fighting any enemy, now you can adjust your strategy to deal with what ever item they might have. That's not to say you still won't be surprised, as there are still many different types of each weapon. These new weapons types are;
-The good old reliable...
by silentdojo at 12:54 PM
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I've gone through most of the threads on the forums the past few days. I think it would be easier for me to respond in one thread about most of the issues.

I check to make sure the servers are still running and working without error everyday. I make sure the bills are paid every month (even if there isn't enough donations).

The other Admins and I have access to the server from anywhere in the world that has a computer and an internet connection (like a smartphone). If a major problem occurs (like server down) we can be messaged and hopefully one of us are available to respond asap.

I have been working on very important things in my personal life that weren't expected. I've come up with a way to gain more time to actually play very soon.

Let's band together to come up with to the answers to the problems 1 at a time.

I'll start: (in the next post...)