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by silentdojo at 1:06 PM
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I hope everyone's having a great holiday season with their friends and family. If I have the time later today I'll put the new 1.8 server up. It won't be 100 percent but it will be a map that won't reset. If not today it will be soon and I'll be working on the bugs that arise asap.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

The plan for the push to 1.8 is on hold we are doing some work with a plugin to spice up the game just a bit can't say much right now but what a can say is that the terrain will make you want to explore more.

by silentdojo at 1:29 PM
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A few days ago the Spigot team released an update for 1.8.1. The team now gives you tools to build the jar files from the source code. It's gonna be a bit harder for some people but we've already got a test server running on and it seems to be pretty stable so far. I am going to be testing plugins to see what works and what doesn't.

If you'd like to be apart of it update your clients to 1.8.1 (or 1.8) and login to
by j2ther at 6:29 PM
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First off to all those that have served our country, whether you are still with us or have passed on, thank you for your service.

For our non american members, today is veterans day in the United States. A day we dedicate to honoring all those that have served in the United States military. Please feel free to join us in thanking any members of inCRAFTion that have helped defend our freedom.

I really don't like to rant, but this story I heard today on Phil Valentine show really bothered me so I have to say something. Today a Veteran's Day ceremony was cancelled in Wisconsin due to objections of the Honor Guard using rifles in a 21 gun salute (at the school). Mind you 21 gun salute is meant to honor our flag and country and uses blanks. And those blanks are fired from show piece guns that are mechanically altered so that they can not fire real bullets. Not to mention they are being handled by a local veterans group that have been performing the ceremony...
by j2ther at 9:02 PM
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In case ya'll haven't already heard, Microsoft has bought Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars. Mainly to acquire Minecraft. Notch and the other founders are not staying on and plan on leaving for other projects. The status of the Stockholm office and its employees is currently unknown.

Notch leaving will not have a major impact on Minecraft as it is today, seeing as he has not been working on minecraft for quite sometime now. As for the current minecraft staff, such as jens, dinnerbone, grum, etc. it is believed that they will stay on and continue developing minecraft. Nothing is set in stone though and all the info is relatively new. Microsoft has announced that they understand this is a community driven game and that they can't succeed evolving it without the current staff and communities input.

Only time will tell what direction this will take, but I think its safe to say Minecraft will continue to be developed and evolve considering Microsoft just spent $2.5 billion dollars...
by Awesome_Soul at 5:56 AM
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Ok so this was posted over on the planet minecraft page first and I figured I would post it here while I am at it so, here you go.
Alright, so, I am sure some of you are wondering what the heck has happened to this project, well put simply, I am totally burnt out when it comes to this thing. Now this does NOT mean the project it cancelled, so don't worry.
Some of you may know the history of this project, but tl;dr version of it is that this has been going on for over 5 years and one fully built, but ultimately flawed map/game design. That took 2 years of near solo work, that failure evolved into what you all now know as Dissension.

While I really do appreciate the builders I have had helping me on this, these contributions are often very minor in the big scheme of things, leaving me to solderer on as I don't want to delay waiting for...