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This poll is to gauge the interest in a dedicated Skyblock server. It would be supported alongside survival and creatia. It would have achievements, objectives, team play, chest shops, xp economy, nether access, and much more skyblock fun.

If interested I will get it going this weekend.
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Updated 6/28/2015

Loot is now tiered starting with the most common first and rarest last the tiers are used, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and Legendary. Charms are now gone, but their effects can still be obtained by acquiring the appropriate gear sets.

If you have any suggestions or requests for items please post them here.

The following will be a list of the current infernal items in-game (note I still am adding more items through the week so please don't freak out if you don't see a particular item set).

All items are color coded by rarity and follows the colors I've used below.

  • Soggy Sponge

  • Garden Hoe
  • Gardening Trowel
  • Miner's Pick
  • Hatchet
  • [COLOR=rgb(255, 255,...
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Sethbling made a version of Agar.io in Minecraft. All credits go to him.

Agar Minecraft Servers IP:

Check the video out:
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Now now before you all wet your pants in excitement this is not an official release yet. I have been working on our creative server for the past week getting it ready for a release. It is finally at a point where it is ready for players to come in and build to their hearts content.

That's where all of you come in. I would like those of our regular members that enjoy creative build to come on, grab a plot, and simply build away. All I ask is that you point out any bugs, missing perms, suggestions, etc. Creatia will be fully released and advertised once spawn is finished (killermantime is working non-stop on it as we speak). Before then I would like to have all the bugs worked out.

To Join Creatia simply go to Lobby or Survival and type /creatia

Now a bit of information on our creative server as it is a bit different from creatia of past.

- We use a plot system using a plugin called...
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The forum themes are being updated to be more pleasing to everyone. The plan is to have few themes/styles for everyone to choose from. J2 and I have been working on it as we get time, so bare with us. http://www.incraftion.com/misc/style Should allow you to see the available themes were working on.

The dynmap is back up on map.incraftion.com. But you'll need to register in-game to utilize chat from now on. You'll be able to connect from any ip and it'll work fine. There is also a link to the map in the Navigation Bar!
  1. Login to Survival Server.
  2. Type /dynmap webregister
  3. Copy the code it gives you.
  4. Go to map.incraftion.com and click the chat button to create your username and password.
  5. Any other questions ask a friend who has it working already.

Also the GriefPrevention lookup stick was changed to Gunpowder/Sulphur... This may change back to a stick....

New Homes Policy:
  1. Create up to 3 homes...
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