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by Awesome_Soul at 8:50 PM
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I've realized that there isn't really an easy way currently for people not on Team Speak to know the IP of the StarMade server.
If you don't know about the game, it's about gathering resources and building a ship, you can make factions with friends or join an existing one in order to take over the Universe (yes, "Universe". There are multiple galaxies).
The game is free while in Beta or you can pick it up for $10 on steam or their site. If you want to know more, check out the steam page, or write a comment.

The server IP is:
by silentdojo at 11:36 PM
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It's a celebration!

Guys and Gals! We've been around for over 4 years now this April. I never thought I'd be able to have been apart of such a great dedicated and fun individuals from around the world! I've learned to much from people like @zand, @meiskam, @j2ther, @killermantime, @Sir_SeniLiX, @DanekJovax, and so many many more.

Especially thanks for the ones that have been around for so long! It's been a pleasure to play with a lot of you and so much fun. I have many many great memories I share with people on a daily basis.

We've accomplished a lot over the years and are constantly evolving and changing. We hope to continue this trend long in the future. Although we all know life gets ahead of us and I've shown my absence for many months lately. I do plan to stick around and get new things happening on the website and servers.

There's always room for qualified people to help...
by silentdojo at 10:04 PM
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+Map increased by 1000 blocks in each direction.

Alot of plugins are having conflicts and were working out some issues.
by silentdojo at 3:17 AM
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Notice the arbitrary versioning. 7 for how many different times we've reset the map. 1 for new feature added. 0 for tests of current feature set.

+End resets every restart
+Mods can Ban TempBan etc.

*Fixed TPA, /Back, /home

Prices for /spawn, /back and /home aren't finished yet/fixed. I will try to make it so you can't abuse these, since they are a privilege.

PS. Check out spawn...

7.1.1: +Guardian head added
by silentdojo at 10:04 PM
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Hey guys thanks for patiently waiting this out. With the Bukkit legal issues, irl stuff, and more we're finally ready to launch something our whole community can enjoy.

inCRAFTion is usually the first updated to the latest and greatest software for running these servers and this last one was crazy to wait over 6 months.

We're trying some new things out and keeping some things that are known to work. As well as giving you what you want. So we want some feedback. Tell us what the Test Server is missing or what you would expect. Be constructive in your criticism.

We want to keep the random spawn for 1st time into the Survival Server; but this time inside of a smaller radius until it's needed to increase.

Economy is now based off your XP level. Things like commands (/randomtp, /home, etc.) are planned to take a small amount of XPMoney to make things a little balanced.

Hearts are now based on your XPLevel adding the ability to get a max of 20 Hearts. This adds more depth...