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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Twizzy, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I have been looking for a minecraft community to join for quite some time now. I think I have finally found a place to call my new home. I am planning to join your community and play with you all in minecraft.

    A little background. I am 31 years old this year, have 2 kids, and am a married man. I have been a gamer for quite a long time, pretty much since the commodore 64 days. I have played EVERYTHING you could possibly think of, and some how ended up in minecraft on a daily basis.

    Hope to join and play with you all soon!
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  2. XlexerX

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    Awesome! It's great to see another mature player come to Incraftion, hope you like it here :p
  3. Zeppelindude

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    Welcome Twizzy I hope you have an AWESOME time in InCRAFTion!! I know I do ;D
  4. DanekJovax

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    Twizzy, do you still have your C64? I ended up losing the one I had when my mom moved out of her house and didn't give me a chance to keep it from hitting the curb. ;2( I still love playing some of the C64 games in EMUL, though.

    You sound a lot like me, except you're at least a decade younger. Did you get your kids into MC as well? My two love the game (they've gotten the pokemobs mod in their world). :2)

    Well, I welcome you to inCRAFTion, and hope to see you around. Look up Teamspeak when you can (if you haven't already); I'd look forward to chatting with another MC dad! ;2)
  5. killermantime

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    AAA 2 danekjovaxes . . . wait twizzy how good are you with computers.
  6. Nickalaniz3

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    Welcome to the server. =0)

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