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The reset is currently in the works behind the scenes, and is definitely a lengthy process. A number of members have noted this, and we apologize for the delay. On the bright side, we would like to include the community in the process by having a spawn design competition.

Creatia will remain as is, and will be the basis of the competition (unless one would prefer to work in single player or something). The rules of the competition are fairly open, but please follow these simple guidelines:

- You are not required to work alone. Grab some friends and make inCRAFTion history
- The required theme is the traditional medieval feel of minecraft
- The size must fit within a creatia plot (128*128 for those building elsewhere)
- Try your best to have the design flow into the environment (i.e. not a wall that drops off suddenly into naturally generated territory). If the size requirements don't allow for this, don't worry; we can deal with that later.
- Please do not include pre-made easter...
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As most of you probably know, Incraftion is getting an overhaul. Especially behind the scene, things are happening.

For a long time, Incraftion have had an ever growing number of staff members, but as life tends to intervene and interests change, some of our most dedicated and active staff members have chosen to move on to something new.
This of course makes room for new blood!

A much needed (and perhaps overdue) cleanup has now been performed. Every single Admin and Moderator has been taken into consideration and moved to an appropriate position within the community.

So what exactly has happened?

A total of 5 new roles have been created and nearly every admin have had a specific role assigned to them. This does not mean that any admin is above any other, it only serves as a guide to the community to know what each staff member is responsible for.

In-game Admin
Appears in-game and takes care of issues...
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First and foremost, for those who don't know, Penple and I are your new admins for the Survival and Skyblock servers, and the administration team have been working on reforming staff, and updating the community as a whole.

Along with these updates comes the Survival server's reset. The last reset was about a year ago if not longer, and we have decided to begin planning for a reset at some point in the near future. This is where you, the community, come in.

Penple and I are asking that our current members give input on how the transition would work, what plugins you would like to see, those you wouldn't like to see, etc.

It has been brought up that some members would like to bring new items into the new map, and personally, I see this as a direct nullification of the reset. However, if you can make a point on why you should have this opportunity, please share below with any other ideas. I do ask that you keep in mind when making points on this that a...
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Hello all, I know I've been gone for a while, but life had taken its toll on both myself and dojo as life tends to do from time to time.

I will be back this weekend and would like everyone to post all bugs, glitches, or problems that needs addressed and I will attend to them this weekend.
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Discord is a new free web based app for voice and text chat for gamers. There are free clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS or you can just run it in Chrome, Firefox or Opera without downloading or installing anything.

You can check out Discord at https://discordapp.com/ and join the inCRAFTion Discord at http://discord.incraftion.com. I just ask that you keep it PG-13 and follow Discord's TOS.
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The survival, skyblock, and creative servers have all been updated to minecraft 1.10. To see all the new things in minecraft 1.10 go here

Agar.io is still on 1.9 updated

Some plugins are waiting for an update. The only noticeable plugins so far for players are
- mobcatcher
- itemlink
as soon as they are updated we will get them on the servers.

Please report any bugs you find here so we can get them fixed!

NPCs and Quests have been added to the survival server! At spawn you will find glowing NPCs with available quests. As of this post there are only two npcs (one with mob hunting quests and another with mining quests) available. I will be adding more and more around spawn with basic quests, and more further out in the wilderness with more advanced quests. The quests rewards are definitely worth it for everyone, and note...
by j2ther at 12:17 AM
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After some consideration and testing I have decided to bring back mcMMO to survival. It has come a long way, gone through devs, and is a lot more mature then it was in the past. As far as a drop in and play rpg skill plugin it is the way to go. If we had more time we may have used a skill plugin thats is more customizable, but takes a lot more time to set up. With all of us being busy at this point, and a lot of players loving mcMMO it was time to bring it back.

With that said please report any mcMMO bugs, exploits, or frankly anything overpowered here. So that we can get mcMMO tweaked to be fun and fair.

Infernals have been nerfed a tad bit. Some abilities don't hit as hard, hp is slightly less, tosser has been taken out, as well as lightning (which destroys your items) has been taken out. Infernals will gain 1 level every 600 blocks. As it stands now you should see level 9's at the world border.

Working with the dev we finally got infernal loot to drop...