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    As most of you probably know, Incraftion is getting an overhaul. Especially behind the scene, things are happening.

    For a long time, Incraftion have had an ever growing number of staff members, but as life tends to intervene and interests change, some of our most dedicated and active staff members have chosen to move on to something new.
    This of course makes room for new blood!

    A much needed (and perhaps overdue) cleanup has now been performed. Every single Admin and Moderator has been taken into consideration and moved to an appropriate position within the community.

    So what exactly has happened?

    A total of 5 new roles have been created and nearly every admin have had a specific role assigned to them. This does not mean that any admin is above any other, it only serves as a guide to the community to know what each staff member is responsible for.

    In-game Admin
    Appears in-game and takes care of issues regarding plugins and daily server maintenance. They are also responsible for updating and configuring the game and plugins used.

    Discord Admin
    Looks after our Discord server, updating and configuring as needed.

    Forum Admin
    Looks after our forum. Responsible for daily maintenance and cleanup.

    Sys Admin
    Mostly works in the background ensuring our servers and website are running and is up to date.

    Retired Admin
    Former or currently Inactive admin. Might still appear from time to time though.

    New Admins
    As most of you already noticed, we got two new additions to the Admin team EngineerofSpades and Penple2 have agreed to join team red. Both functioning as In-game Admins.
    They are a welcome addition to our ranks!

    When applying to become a moderator, you not only apply to ensure our players abide by the rules in-game and on the forums, but also to become role models for the community. We expect our moderators to show a great amount of dedication, diligence and responsibility and work as a team to make Incraftion a great place for everyone.

    Of course, nothing lasts forever and people move on, and for many reasons.

    Looking through the list of moderators, we have made the decision to be rather strict when choosing, who should remain a moderator.
    You may notice a lot of our moderators have had their rank removed.
    Let it be clear however, that absolutely no demotions have been done out of spite or anything like that.

    Going forth. A new title has been added to the forum.

    Retired Moderator
    This title is given out as a token of our appreciation to former moderators for his/her service done for the community. He/She is more than welcome to re-apply for the position as a moderator should he/she choose to.

    The road ahead is looking good for Incraftion. Several ideas are already being discussed. Stay tuned for more news in the future.

    Do you have something to add? Please tell us! :cool::);):cool:
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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by Sir_SeniLiX, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. TheRealZiem
    Does it mean you'll look into some staff applications soon? Just wondering.. *cough*
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    I also think there should be a reform in the decision system. Right now, it's a yes or "considered for future positions" system. But let's be real for minute here. How often do mod/admin positions open up? In my experience very rarely. And because of the amount of applacations, and the low amount of staff positions, we have pages and pages of "considered" apps that never get opened again(mine included). I think it should be a yes/no system, and we should get notified when new positions open up. But that's just my way of thinking. Thoughts?

    EDIT: This is in no way intended to be a heated argument. I'm just trying to a dress a major issue in our systems workings:D
  3. Mayson
    Glad to see everything getting some fresh blood.
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  4. DevilsAdvocate
    i agree with you front. personally what i think should be done, is have the applications thread locked, and then when we are ready for new staff, we unlock it and let people know we are accepting applications. then staff goes through and approve the applicants we want as staff, and decline the applications that dont make the cut. once the possitions are filled, lock the thread again. this will help prevent clutter in the forum AND prevents applicants from thinking their application went unnoticed or ignored.
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  5. Darkiiss
    This is what inCRAFTion needs at the moment. I'm glad that we've manage to step up. Additionally, If there is anyone interested in making coin, we will be looking for graphic designers.
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  7. EngineerofSpades
    What do we need designed?
  8. _KingOfHearts_
    I'm very intrigued with this, and I'm so glad it has been set into motion!

    Great things have come, and are still coming to this server it seems. I'm very impressed with the Admins, old and new, putting in the work that they have. This has always been my absolute favorite server, and it's because of things like this. Please continue the amazing work, it means more to some of us than you might know.
  9. cowboys2317
    So uh about that retired moderator title ;)
  10. DevilsAdvocate
    due to work and living conditions i am unable to get on anymore for quite a while so im going to retire as a mod for the time being and reapply later on.
  11. Sir_SeniLiX
    Fixed :)
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