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    Pixelmon has been updated to 2.5.7 and has its own separate post for the simple fact that Legendary Pokemon Spawning is fixed! Not only is it fixed, but the spawn rates are now configurable and when a legendary pokemon spawns it will send out a server wide announcement.


    To test out the new update and check out some legendary pokemon I have set the spawn rate higher then normal. I have also upped the spawn rate of normal pokemon just a little as well.

    The next major release of Pixelmon will be with Minecraft 1.7. As such all work going into the pixelmon server right now will be towards getting ready for 1.7 and making sure it is fine tuned and working how we want it. I will be working on a new 1.7 map for pixelmon that will include towns with gyms on predefined routes for players to explore. You will still be able to explore the wild and start your own towns, but making a predefined route will give players some direction and a quest driven focus to look forward to.

    As well as gyms there is a monthly Pokemon League Tournament planned for 1.7 that will require players to earn at least 8 gym badges to participate in. Players may or may not be able to earn the right be to become gym leaders themselves (the predefined towns will have npc like gym leaders). More then likely though by winning tournaments players may earn a coveted spot as one of the "Elite Four".

    What I need from all of you is your ideas for what you want to see in pixelmon, how you want the 1.7 map to look like, and how you want the game play to feel.

    What I want to know from you now is ...
    - Do you want the battle camera to spin, or stay fixed (currently set to fixed to test and see how it is compared to spinning during battle)

    - Do you want wild pokemon to be able to initiate battle, or have them always peaceful

    - Do you want to allow pokemon to gain experience through PvP Battles (battling fellow players)

    - Do you want to allow planting of apricorn trees, or only found in the wild

    I also can use some help creating a second town so I can set up a gym and test it out. At the end of the pre-made road leading out of spawn town I need a town built. Maybe something that roughly resembles Petalburg City right there at the edge of the woods. Then I can set up a gym and test some battles and award the balance badge.
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Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by j2ther, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Garchomp6000
    Articuno here I come!

    EDIT: I'm kinda having trouble installing xD Halp?
  2. Garchomp6000
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  3. ColdKamil
    We should have apricorn planting, peaceful pokemon, allowed xp through pvp battles, and a fixed camera. I also think that there should be pokemarts where you can sell the drops from the pokemon you fight and buy things like potions and pokeballs.
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  4. The42ndDruid
    Shame none of your Pokemon are powerful enough to fight it.
  5. __BadWolf__
    That was what i was going to post. So yea, that. Still need someone to help me install the **** thing.
  6. ColdKamil
    Download the newest pixelmon off of the website, along with forge if you don't have it. Take the ZIPPED pixelmon file, and drop it into your mods subfolder in your minecraft folder, to get to the minecraft folder simply search "%appdata%" (without the quotes) and it should be the first one.
  7. Garchomp6000
    Only way is Custom NPCS or ChestShops
  8. ColdKamil
    No, you get a plugin where you can sell and buy stuff near signs. Silly garchomp
  9. Garchomp6000
    I said ChestShops. ChestShop is a plugin. What kind of plugin you might ask? It is a plugin that we USE ON THE MAIN SERVER!
  10. __BadWolf__
    Dat cold... hahaha

    It's forge i have a problem updating. Always seems to not like me installing it.
  11. j2ther
    @ColdKamil if you logged in you would already see a Pokemart inside spawn town for this very purpose, as gar said I just need to set up a plugin to implement it. Which is part of my testing with NPCs

    what specifically are you having problems with? Message me and I can help you out with installing it
  12. Mayson
    Not that I am a player on this server, but my opinion is if you have two friends on the server they might boost. That's my objective opinion on the matter of exp in PVP. However, if you feel it is worth it and wont be too much of an issue, go ahead and put EXP into PVP.

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