Super Craft Bros: Brawl Server

Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by silentdojo, Jan 14, 2013.


Discussion in 'News & Updates' started by silentdojo, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Popolamma
    Glad we're trying this out. Looking forward to Brawling with some Craft Bros!
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  2. silentdojo
    Opened a second server just in-case. Look to the right... IP is or
  3. Popolamma
    In case it's too full?! :O Wow!
  4. silentdojo
    Yeah it's only a 4 Player Map, but has a Spectator Mode... which is kinda glitchy.... I'm planning on modifying this map to play nicer with some things.
  5. Popolamma
    Okay so it's like the original Smash Bros. Got it. Haven't had a chance to look at the video yet as I'm in school right now :) Sounds like a load of fun and I can't wait to play.
  6. Zeppelindude
    MERGERD This is awesome!!! I'm tryin' this out RIGHT now
  7. Thepsy
    Ah this was a lot of fun to test with you Dojo. If I get time later today I'll give it another try XD
  8. Garchomp6000
    We got a griefer:

    Paul2hip8 - Giving away items (d-armor, pots)

    I'm just gonna add on more that I see.

    kadekreiling - Choosing a player and then changing map, thus resetting the lives and making a new game.
  9. silentdojo
    There are a few issues with this and I've been adding different plugins to help things out. I already made it so Creative members cannot PVP, WorldGuard protects Glass and Mycelium (the zombie has a shovel, in adventure mode if you have a tool you can break the corresponding block).

    Any more ideas for me to help it be more fair?
  10. Garchomp6000
    Is there a way to not allow spectators to have damage pots in their inventory to throw? Spectators are using that for PVP instead.
  11. Zeppelindude
    Yeah, specators kill you with poison and harming, If I were you, I'd make them invis to everyone but the other spectators and not in creative but just have them able to fly for that specific time period?
  12. silentdojo
    Me and meiskam discussed it and figured out a pretty good way to handle everything. Should be implemented soon.
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  13. Zeppelindude
    Hey gar? How about ash_deegan, he was extremely annoying and unfair.. PLUS He was killing us in the game..
  14. silentdojo
    Just wait till I get this fixed up a bit more until we start banning people.
  15. Garchomp6000
    A scoreboard? Time I kick some @$$!

    More to ban list:
    lonelynightm - Choosing character and map when one is in progress
    neonsphereman - ^^
    JustPlainOrange - ^^

    Another edit

    Spectators are toggling the scoreboard so it becomes biased (there's buttons at the scoreboard, I don't know why that should still be there). So that makes it that spectators can't press buttons/redstone triggers or just remove the buttons completely.
  16. Thepsy
    I think Gar and I both had the problem of being hit in the map room, and then getting put into a game with half health or so.

    As for the map thing, I've noticed it is first in, best dressed. So I'm not surprised people attack whatever map they want as soon as they choose their character.

    Just so many little weird things with this, I hope it works.
  17. vkolasa
    i may do this

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